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Week 5 post 1

I came across this piece about how to be a skilled coach that gets players to buy in their plan. This is an article written by an actual coach that has gathered more information from peers and other coaches philosophy. This was an article written by coach Dave Sticklin to get coaches and player on the same path. He suggested how players can buy in what the coach is going after. Kevin Eastman mentioned the five-rules into buying you players and team in. His first suggestion was a no brainer and it was to study the game thoroughly. Of course, you can’t really do anything if you don’t know what you’re doing within the game. Coach Dave stated that “The more you know, the more your players will respect you and the quicker they will buy in”. The second suggestion he gives to his readers is knowing your system very well also. According to Dave one of the worst things to do is “to work extremely hard at becoming very good at something that is totally useless and unnecessary”.  This one is very important because it involves the players and that to catch them doing something right as often as you can or when you see it. With this style you are basically showing your players that this is the right way to do it, and when they do it the right way the information would get recognize and done.  Bringing the energy every day is the next rule. From this viewpoint it’s simple if you want your players to give you energy on offense or defense then you’re going to have to set an example and if you do it every day then that culture will change sooner or later. Lastly telling your players the truth, some players get butt hurt due to being told they are all that or they feel like they are being lied to. The article suggests that after being honest with your players day in and day out is the key to a connection with a good player. With the criticism it changes the player mostly if players want to improve, they will take the suggestion to better them and the system being run for the team. While using film and stats to back up what you’re telling tour players to work on.

work cited

Stricklin, Dave. “How Basketball Coaches Get Players to ‘Buy In.’” HoopSkills, 21 Oct. 2013,


Reflection final

  1. Overall reading this article for this week i have to say i learned somewhat valuable information but mostly about bloggers and the community that one’s attract. When i went to the next page to keep reading all i thought was i can’t wait for when i’m done with this blog stuff. I was getting annoyed having to type five-hundred words a post for my own grade. This week assignment wasn’t as bad, but it was because i could make connections with the post once i broke it down. This post made me question about the surveys held and the answers they found. All i know is that i’m going to leave this blog alone after this class and go back to take a look in the future to see young me. When i go back and look over most of my past writing piece I can see that ive had a lot of minor grammar errors like lower case i and such.

2.Well Here we are once again on my Gossip girl blog. By now you should of realize that i tend to leave all my responsibilities last minute, that being said shall we begin? In this episode we will take on “imagining the blogosphere “ by Graham Lampa from my point of view. As i read this piece it wasn’t my favorite i could tell right off the bat.  I’ve seen that over my past blog post my attention getting and connecting with the audience has been improving. That’s something I wanted to work on also because without the attention grabber my paper would be dull.

3. He mentions that “ Although many blogging services may be free, the substantial amount of capital and operating costs needed to simply access the Internet are insurmountable obstacles to many in the developing world” (Lampa 5). Over this course i’ve improved citing people work the right way and this is a field ive grown in. At first I wasnt really skilled at work citing and such but it was easier than I thought and wasnt complicated all I had to do was take the time.

4.  Well Here we are once again on my Gossip girl blog. By now you should of realize that i tend to leave all my responsibilities last minute, that being said shall we begin? In this episode we will take on “imagining the blogosphere “ by Graham Lampa from my point of view. As i read this piece it wasn’t my favorite i could tell right off the bat. But if there is a positive outlook on this article id  have to say, some parts of this piece did stick into my memory. Even though i believe it’s was useless facts or information that really attracted me. This article was a bit confusing to me at first but overall i had to understand what i was reading to do my assignments. Doing this reflection post was my favorite because I wasn’t so serious about it but it turned out to be interesting and that’s all i can ask for. I really enjoyed writing this because although I wasn’t serious I put time into but felt like a couple minutes

5. I’ve really improved since I’ve walked in the doors of RCTC. From the first semester I had gain things that were the old way of writing a paper but it was never sticking to me. Although having to do things I wasn’t comfortable with like writing multiple blogs and papers. I can say that those blogs gave me a way to put our general writing style into use in our world.

Week3 post 2

When Magic stepped down as the Lakers president most of the basketball world was shocked as I was, because this was position that looked well for magic. This article written by Kurt Helin discussed about Magic leaving the Lakers front office. Magic Johnson being one of the greatest to play the game love this organization. The video of Magic’s press conference showed a side of magic that maybe it wasn’t his choice and they were forcing him out. I remember when the Laker brought him back to the Lakers organization and the fan base was going crazy because he was the ‘key’ to landing Lebron James, we all had high expectations. The first move that went downhill for Johnson was trading young promising Allstar D’Angelo Russell to the Brooklyn Nets. At the time this was a smart move because this was key to having the money to getting Lebron down the road. After trading Russell, they would need a Point guard and they lucky they had the number two pick in the 2017 and ended picking big name baller named Lonzo ball. See this is where they went wrong trading someone that could play with LeBron for brand new point guard. They didn’t need to get the super star because they already had a young core that had potential down the road. They were 2-3 years and couple drafts to build a Lakers playoff team. Instead what had happened was trading or losing most of their young core and not even making the playoff this year with LeBron. Although LeBron was injured this year for like 18 games or so. I believe if he was playing, they could have made the playoffs, but I doubt they would have got out the first round. They had all the names to make a run but not the right spots for those people also the Lakers were missing a bench. Their bench threat had gone down just to bring one superstar and build around him. What magic Johnson had done was instead of building a team around LeBron, he built a team for him. You see what LeBron could do on the court is just unfair to defenders. He can break down the defense to get the teammates a good shot also a good chance of winning. Lebron is that player that makes his teammates better so instead of building a team, what magic should have done was get a bench and players that can perfect their role also getting one star or two down the road. He was so worried about acquiring Giannis Antetokounmpo and Anthony Davis he didn’t even have time to get the other parts.

Week 3 post 1

This week i changed what I was going to read because that piece was boring. As I searched I wanted to go the NBA route and seen this piece on Magic Johnson stepping down as the Lakers president. It came from an actual news reporter this time named Kurt Helin. I began reading his article and it was basically saying that Magic Johnson was busy man from ‘family, a far-reaching business empire worth an estimated $700 million, charity work including HIV activism, being a spokesman for the NBA on some issues, and much more’. Helin was basically saying that he wasn’t fully committed to the job titled. Magic being a busy man held wanted to step down and he called a press conference. Ben Simmons a All-star for the Philadelphia 76ers had reached out to magic earlier in the season about being a mentor. The whole world knew about this, meanwhile it came the same time as the tampering situation with Lebron and magic for trying to get Anthony Davis to LA. Also magic getting fined $50,000 from the league for tampering with Giannis Antetokounmpo. Magic knew he couldn’t do that without getting a fine or something again. Now magic not being in the front office for it gave the path to Ben. Helin had mentioned that as “Magic may feel better, but it leaves the Lakers in chaos.”. And tells us that will the current coach Luke Walton be fired. With landing Lebron and having unexpected horrible season will the Lakers GM be promoted to build around LeBron or move on. Helin used Twitter tweets in his article to show how the league and how the organization is reacting. The way Magic said what he said in his press conference, it seems like maybe he was forced out of office?

Blog tours

When you come along Sarah’s blog the first thing that would come to your eye would be the renaissance painting. That caught my eye for sure, being into that thing it had me looking at like a minute or two.  The color lay out on her blog is very nice pick I just felt more relax and some colors relate to that area so reading a couple of her blogs i was into it more from being relaxed. When you get to this blog you won’t be just reading words the whole time, you will be looking at visuals examples and memes provided to you by owner. The post isn’t like reading a book or article is like having a conversation with a person which makes it smooth and not forced.

The next stop on the station is our very own Wes’s blog. Right away you get this vibe that you want to travel   and be free mentally. The first thing that caught my attention and probably you too when you go check it out is the female in a yoga pose. Seeing that picture gives me the idea that I’m going to be reading or looking over something about wanting to explore. As I skimmed over the heading it was nice because it was labelled where he went or wanted to go and that what the main blog post would be about. I read the Italy and Greece because those are places, I want to visit someday.  I realized as these post that Wes posted I can relate to everything he was saying because those were the same reasons I wanted to travel to those destinations.

The third and final destination is Nick’s blog. Coming in you can see how well this blog is thought out. It has that California coast vibe and the theme is light color on the side which attracts the eye. Nick posts mostly talk about projects that interest him and ideas from other projects. He goes to explain what he is doing on this projects and his methods for it. I believe his Projects are based on laser and trying them the projects. When i saw he was talking about lasers i was interested in reading what he had to say and what he’s explaining. I came to judge this post real quick but it went a total 180 on me when i found out it was laser engraved projects.

Week 2 Reflection

This week i came across an interesting blog. I discovered this blogger named Dannaher, he talked about the one subject i could literally read all day without getting bored. I always thought that WordPress was for big companies that blog and really just us in this digital world. But my theory was put to rest when I saw the date Dannaher posted on his blog. All jokes aside, i really enjoyed the post. When he mentioned the big game between the Warriors and the Rockets that was played this season. I had already knew it was going to be about the referees right away. Having to watch that game from my living room, it felt like there was some shady thing going in the league the last couple seasons. This is going to be opinion based but I believe that 80% of NBA fans miss the 90s and early 2000s officiating. What i miss about the old school officiating would be how consistent they were from the beginning to the end.  Now a days we have referee cheating games to gain wealth from bets. The past couple seasons, officiating hasn’t been at the top of their game(pun intended). What the Author suggested was ideas where it was fair on all platforms for players and officials. I believe that these ideas would help the recent problems the league been having. The players have been criticizing some bad calls made by the officials or even the whole game. While the commissioner fines players for speaking freely about what he felt was wrong at the game. I suggested what Dannaher said but also adding some type of penalty to the officials if these comments are being made by players and fans. That game that woke everyone up Warriors playing against the Rockets. Hopefully they won’t be stupid enough to do a horrible job in the Playoffs. Us fans hate watching this low expectations made by the league. I’ve officiated a game and coach before so I know that it’s not that difficult to pay attention to a game. Although having to officiate higher levels, I assume it would get difficult but it should get easier if you’ve been doing you job for years. If your a professional their should be little to none errors, but we are all humans so if anyone has ties to the league tell them to look at Dannaher blog post.

work cited

Dannaher , Kevin. “The Prominent Problem in the NBA and How to Fix It.”, 2019,

Week 2 post 1

I came along a blog post that caught my attention right away. This time it wasn’t a famous athlete in the NBA but someone i can relate to from a fan standpoint. Blogger Dannaher wrote a short post about the problem in the NBA recently. His post covers about the officiating being done in past lately.  One game he breaks down as the worst league officiating would be the Houston rockets playing against the Golden state Warriors. The game was a close game and being televised nationwide. The game was being decided basically over a review play from the officials. It was one of the most obvious calls and lately the NBA officiating has been done poorly, like missing obvious calls. Author Dannaher describes it as “frightening”  and majority of the NBA world would have to agree. Referees(Refs)control how the game goes most time, if it’s a good reffing the fans could tell & they will enjoys their time no matter the outcome most times. Player Criticizing the refers usually get fined in the league especially if its star players. One way to fix the problem in reffing to have a fair and easy game would be treating players and Refs the same. When reading more of this blog, author Dannaher gives out three points that would help the league. One of his ideas would be to fine the refs that had horrible missed calls. Players are making millions from playing the game, on the other hand referees making less than that it would be only fair to fine them based on income. With this solution we know that no one likes being fined out their own money so throwing this idea would make things fair and give officiating a game more accurate. The second  suggestion he gives out would be having a post-game interview not for players but for officiators. This caught my attention not only does the officials have to explain the reasoning they had but to also answer multiple question to give the fans a point of view of the officiating and game. While the last one is likely to be efficient, he suggested that we demote referees to lower leagues. Just like a player that goes to a lower league if he/she doesn’t perform well. They will give their best effort to be brought up in the NBA instead of the G-league. The NBA is like any other business, employees that don’t do well shouldn’t be awarded or protected to not do their best job. The Author mentions that “Missing calls and not calling obvious fouls on national television is bad for the NBA as a company”. Fans aren’t going to watch multiple bad officiating games.

work cited

Dannaher , Kevin. “The Prominent Problem in the NBA and How to Fix It.”, 2019,

week 1 reflection

Reading this article By Stephen curry was related-able to me. I can relate to his AAU days to mine, When i was coming into my second year of organized basketball and AAU being introduced to me the first time it changed my mindset. I used to always get told i played ‘street ball’ style basketball. That didn’t work well for me with organized high school or middle programs but with the playing flashy i had it was great for these AAU programs and big tournaments. Don’t get me wrong i was skilled enough to do big numbers on this fundamental games in middle school and it went to decent numbers in high school. My first year of AAU i played for MN Heat but it was far so i rarely went to practices and some tournaments sadly. But when i played everyone could see i had put hours and hours to my craft so making a mistake would bother me and regret to let it happen twice. my sophomore i played up a grade and played for both 15U and 17U. this was the year i had seen that the hours i had put in wasn’t enough, although i was putting up 15 points and 6 plus assist a game. I was doing fine but i wasn’t doing what i believe was my best. When Stephen went to the national tournaments and doing poor was similar to me at the battle of the lakes. That was wake up call, playing higher competitions made me hungry. Steph had to to put the work in if he wanted to get to his goals. I had Put hours of work into my jump shot like he did so that is why i believe me and other say it’s somewhat similar. I was short but i was playing basketball for fun at one point i took it serious but i stopped growing and stopped touching rim so i half tried. The one thing me  i saw different from steph was when people talk trash or said talked down on me, it wouldn’t bother me at first. Steph said ‘ But at the time?? Man…. it’s hard to even describe how much comments like that bugged me.’ (4) although he was bugged from the comments for me i didn’t really care until it got to the point i was annoyed super mad at the opponents. Then i would hit a stage that i was going to make you look stupid and weak for talking trash. I would play physical and get my teammates involved. the goal was then to beat you in every category. These moments were rare cause i don’t really care what people think about me or say honestly but i enjoy it because i get a rush of adrenaline. Although Steph had comments made about him in basketball performance and then turn it to growth moment and eventually make money out of his worked on talented. He deserves what he worked for, having to write that piece on the player tribune was like reading a documentary and hearing his voice its format style was unusual but i enjoyed this article.

work cited

Curry, Stephen. “Underrated | By Stephen Curry.” The Players’ Tribune, 9 Jan. 2019,

Curry, Stephen. “Underrated | By Stephen Curry.” The Players’ Tribune, 9 Jan. 2019,

week 1 post 1: Stephen curry tribune

Stephen recently Curry wrote a piece for the players tribune. He starts out talking about the basketball tournament that shaped the basketball person he is today. When Stephen was 13 years old playing AAU, he remembers playing really horrible while losing in the national tournament. Being a basketball player sometimes you’re not mentally prepared for the game, it will get you down and question your skills or even if you should stop playing. Steph had come to that thought while in the hotel room after taking that “L”. Steph having a basketball legend dad wasn’t making it easier for him, it was “do or die” (1) In these moments Steph mentions that his parents mostly his mom told him words that would stick with for the rest of his life and basketball path. Having his own mind eat him up, his mom basically told him that “NO ONE gets to write your story but you” (1).  That really stuck with him and helped his worth ethic. Him being a short and skinny point guard, he was overlooked by big programs school except for the school that his dad went to. When he was a junior in high school, West Virginia called him to ask for a meeting. Basically, they played him, and they weren’t interested at all and only came for the courtesy of his dad and offer to walk on. Most of us know how that story works out with his recruiting progress. He ended up going to Davidson and having to change the culture where people didn’t see Davidson as a basketball program to a good program now. While their NCAA Madness run was famous for defeating Georgetown, Wisconsin and playing a great game against Kansas in the elite eight. Steph always had people tell him what he isn’t good at. That caring into the NBA draft, he was what people called ‘slept on” in the draft. He was a steal and he had goals yearly to make people eat those words. Steph mentions that Doug Gottlieb put six other point guards ahead him pre-draft. While Others were gifted in physical abilities and where the game came easy for them, he crafted something he created himself and no one could destroy his story/book. Steph has a camp now but him being a low star recruit he wouldn’t even be invited to his own camp right now. He’s looking to make camps across the country where three-star players and down and can get a chance like the other big recruits had.

work cited

Curry, Stephen. “Underrated | By Stephen Curry.” The Players’ Tribune, 9 Jan. 2019,

seeing ourselves through tech. Chapter 3 reflections

After missing class last Thursday due to being sick, i have to say not seeing anything posted on our D2L gave me a little break to recover. I had hit up multiple classmates on Snapchat to confirm on what’s due before class Tuesday. After one of the home boys said we didn’t have anything due, i went to sleep early Monday night. While sleeping i had gut feeling in my dream that something was fishy about not having any assignments due but i wasn’t going to stress and losing any sleep for an assignment that i didn’t know about. But my subconscious always looking out for me reminded me that i had already read the whole 87 page so if it’s about the past assignment related that i would be fine. I had to review what chapter 3 was talking about. Everything had came back instantly, what caught my attention right away again was Jill walker breaking down the Time lapse sections. Author Jill Walker compared two YouTube videos that were similar and also mentions comments from those videos. People perceptions changes if things are the same but different in physical features. After reading that sections i was confused why people disapproved lee video and were more accepting towards Kalina video. Although Walker mentions ” The current comments on Lee’s video suggest that gender and race may have a lot to do with the different reception “(37). After being curious enough i went to check out those videos myself. What Walker had said wasn’t wrong at all i compared most comments and the big picture was mostly about gender and race. Kalina video wasn’t all rainbows and sunshine it had some comments that attacked his looks and even compared him to come cartoon character that made me laugh. When i was watching the videos in class and on my free time it was both different mindset coming into the videos. For an example when i was in class i wasn’t looking at it from educational standpoint where you can see the interest of the person wanting to see themselves age through the years. I was more looking at the physical features and his body language. On the other hand while i went to watch it on my free time i enjoyed it more i came in with a will to know more in general. I had started to question more of both video ideas as for Setting, Changes made, body language and aging. While all these thoughts  ran through my mind i was wondering what people in hateful comments were thinking about(we will never know unless its from them). Walker gave multiple examples of these comments in the videos. One of them looked closely at the facial expressions. Author Jill states that ” on Lee’s video commenters assume she doesn’t smile because she’s Asian (‘Lol she’s asian so she looked the same for the whole thing’) whereas commenters on Kalina’s video ask him ‘y so sad’ with concern or simply comment ‘Poker face.’ (37) Coming Back to what I’ve said earlier about people perceptions changes if things are the same but different in physical features. People are always going to have something bad to say about something we feel uncomfortable with or dislike its always going to be that way we all do it. But i believe that we should just keep it to ourselves so we can be the only person out of 7 billion people to know what we are thinking and also its a waste of time cause what did you gain from it?

work cited

Walker, Jill. Seeing Ourselves through Technology. University of Bergen, Norway, 2014, Citation

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